Sunday, January 3, 2016

Currently for January

It’s the beginning of January, so it’s time for a new currently. I actually haven’t done one before, but I’m kind of excited about this!

Listening: As some of you may have heard…the new Star Wars movie is out!!! I went with my husband and it was amazing! I literally loved every second.  So of course since it is winter break, we are re-watching all the original Star Wars movies. I seriously love Yoda!

Loving:  I love winter break! I haven’t worn anything other then leggings, sweatpants, and sweatshirts for 2 weeks. It’s been amazing and I wish it were not ending.

Thinking: My to-do list. When Winter Break started I was READY. I was ready to kick back and relax, but I was also ready to finally tackle all the projects I had started but not finished. I was planning on finishing organizational binders for my students, getting ahead on lesson plans, painting the guest room, working out every day…. but I actually spent most of my time walking the dogs, drinking tea, reading, and snuggling the dogs. Honestly? I don’t regret any of it!

Needing: Just one more week! Just one more week of quiet. One more week of not setting an alarm clock, not stressing out, and not having to worry about deadlines. I swear, just one more week and I’d be ready to go back.

One Little Word: Believe it or not, this was the hardest part of this. I thought about hope, faith, and determination. In the end though, I chose the word focus. This year I want to focus on the important things. I want to focus on my health. I have had some seriously terrible things happen medically, and I am ready to get back to eating healthy and working out. I want to focus achieving my dreams, both professionally and personally. I feel that if I can focus on the steps I need to take, then I can reach my goals.


  1. What a great thing to be listening too! I LOVE Star Wars. I saw the new movie TWICE over the break. It was one of the few times I was willing to pay for 3D and wasn't disappointed. I hope you are able to focus on yourself and get healthy!

    Primary on the Prowl

  2. Ha! I just did my laundry and realized that I wore a sweatshirt every day last week. Wish I could do that all the time. I'm with you on needing another week, it went by way too fast!

  3. I hope you are enjoying your 1st edition of Currently :) They are pretty great... You start to connect with other educators and you get some traffic on your blog (which is pretty awesome too)!
    I am glad that I wasn't the only one who refused to wear anything that wasn't sweatpants/yoga pants/sweat shirts ;) Happy New Year!
    P.S. I am your newest follower!

  4. Resting is priority over Christmas break! Totally agree~ Happy New Year :)

  5. Currently's are so much fun! I need and want one more week too! I had my kiddos today, I missed them but I love my bed and my sweatpants too much! :)

    Magically in First